I don't kno if anyone has this dripper before, but I just wanted to share an experience I had had with them.  I used the Kalita wave dripper, which worked great, and tried the Tiamo because they were cheaper and looked identical.  Well, the are not!  They will often drip out of the bottom and then directly off to the side, making a big old mess on any brew station.  The Kalita didn't do that at all.  So be careful looking at the Tiamo dripper, even though the price is enticing, and if you are using it on a brew station is probably won't wok too well.  Anyone else have this experience?

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Nope. I've been using the Tiamo for 4 months now and it's fantastic. Maybe you got a defect?
Hmm quite possible.  Although I had 2 that were doing it.  Interesting...

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