the world's premiere online community for the specialty coffee industry?

Man this place has been deader than a door nail lately! If this IS "the world's premiere online community for the specialty coffee industry" as boldly splashed on the website where'd everybody go!

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I guess there's nothing else to talk about, all disputes have been settled :-P

They have not! (disputing no disputes :-)


A contradiction is not an argument.

For the record that's normal Helvetica, not bold, doing the splashing up there.

Carry on.

In Mike's defense, he did say "boldly" which is an adverb that may just mean "striking or conspicuous to the eye; flashy; showy" according to some internet sources.

Its kind of sad, but this site seems to of died a year or two ago. I used to come here regularly, now I visit once every 6 months to a year. Homebarista seems to have way better content/discussions.

Like many stand-alone online communities this one does go through times of greater activity and lull periods. Contrast that with twitter or Facebook where someone somewhere always seems to be saying something (though you can sometimes go a little while without hearing anything about coffee). When those lull periods occur, there's less incentive for members to visit, so it can be somewhat of a vicious cycle. These lulls have always ended though, albeit with a slightly different cast of characters once things get going again.

Communities like this depend on people starting and participating in discussions. Page clicks may be nice for the metrics, but if our members aren't active then nothing happens. If I think back to the time that Brett was describing, we had a large handful of active participants starting discussions or jumping in to take part. Yes, tempers did flare, but there were some good discussions and everyone learned something in the process.

Mike understands this - he noticed a bit of a lull and then did something about it by starting a couple of threads. So do some of the other guys that have jumped in here - you see them on this thread and probably many of the threads that have happened over the last couple of weeks.

You want to see more discussion? More issues raised? More life? Start a thread. Ask a question, even a controversial one. Jump in on a discussion, even if someone has already said what you are thinking, with your own spin, and even if you feel like the question has already been answered.

Brett, I think the question you just asked might be a good start. What is the state of the specialty coffee industry? It's your question though, so I'll let you ask it, but I have some thoughts on that one too...

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