I have been considering opening a coffee shop, but now, as a new vegan, I know I would not be okay with serving drinks with cow milk.  So I have been trying every other kind of "milk," not actually steaming them but drinking them straight, and I can barely stand most of them.  It is seriously discouraging. 


Is anyone out there having success with their vegan offerings?  Not just, eh, it's okay, but wow, that's so good I don't even miss the milk!  Or if you know any place that does vegan really well, I would love to hear about it.  I had a soy mocha at Starbucks and I was so disgusted I wanted to cry. 

If there's anyone out there..barista, shop owner, coffee drinker...who can tell me about successful drinks or successful shops, I would appreciate it.  Ideally I'd like to find a shop or a barista to learn from.


Thanks so much!

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a friend of mine in philly has a shop called grindcore house which is entirely vegan. maybe you could look them up and ask for a few pointers!

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