This has been a growing curiosity of mine, So I will pose the question and open it up for discussion.

In espresso extraction the variables are many (Barista, temperature, grind, dose, gas content of coffee dependent on day, etc.) There seems to be certain relationships between all of these which a barista begins to get comfortable with as the barista conducts tests and logs the taste notes for coffees with each variable and how each variable interacts with all of the others. These relationships, of course, are always changing with various coffees and blends.

And then enters environment Humidity.... and it seems to throw a switch up into the whole mix variable relationships and how they interact with each other.

I am curious if anyone has had success in testing the effects of humidity on dose, grind, gas content of coffee, temperture...ultimately the effects on espresso extraction?

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Great question... We are in Puerto Rico and for the most part are in a climate controlled place. But when we have heavy traffic more humidity enters into the place and affects extraction. When it gets really humid we usually have loosen the grind by one notch in order to get a good extraction. It's a tiny adjustment but it usually does the trick. I know it effects gas content and dose but can't quite figure out how yet.

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