Rumor has it that this is the fabled Slayer.

What do you guys think? Personally I think it is ugly as sin, but the pressure profiling intrigues me.

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Thank you so much for the pics. I was on the site yesterday, but not today and look how much I missed! After seeing these pics the machine has grown on me completely and I'm really going to push for our shop to get one of these over a Synesso (after some field testing) next year when the new machine purchase talk comes around.

From the blog site:

"#7 Jason Said,

Onocoffee - we’ve pre-sold the first run of machines which we hope to deliver in March(ish) and we’ll officially unveil the machine @ SCAA"

so my guess would be yeah... I can't wait to get to pull some shots on this thing.


James Doyle said:
So after seeing the new pictures today...
And researching this thing as much as possible, the looks are slowly starting to grow on me... When are we going to get a chance to test drive it here in the states? SCAA Conference maybe?
whats the retail price on it. i think it looks dead sexy even with the cast x legs

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