the need for a coffee term equivalent to the beer industry's 'micro brew'

am i the only one who sees a desperate need for a better word/term for high end coffee products, esp. when one is talking with a person who's not familiar with coffee and the coffee industry? i strongly believe we need a term for high end coffee similar to the beer industry's 'micro brew'. one word says it all and everybody understands.

speaking of 'specialty coffee' to a layperson most likely will earn you only blank stares because 'specialty coffee' is a inside industry term and not a marketing term.

i consider this as a huge marketing problem and failure. how do you call the segment of coffee houses, like blue bottle, intelligentsia, etc. do you call them 'specialty coffee houses'?? 

when i try to explain high end coffee to people not familiar with that concept i always have to do in comparative term as in: 'you know, like blue bottle'. (often the response is: oh, like starbucks! then you have to explain the whole thing, 3rd wave and all)

so far this is a huge marketing failure on part of the specialty coffee industry, roasters, coffee houses, baristas, etc. 

look at beer consumer market: you talk to anyone about 'micro brew' and almost everybody knows what you mean!


what is your opinion, y'all???

any suggestions? craft coffee? micro brew coffee? artisan coffee? high end coffee (is what i use)?


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I've found a lot of value in Mark Prince's term of "culinary coffee." Most people seems to understand the distinction between a McDonald's employee and Michael Symon or Gordon Ramsey. It isn't hard for them to then make the distinction between Starbucks and Stumptown.

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