The "Double Decker", coming to a cafe near you soon. Yes folks, it's a 12oz latte nestled atop a "flat white" latte.


Or what happens during rounds of a Latte Heart Throwdown:-)


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That's awesome! I love it...nice!
Easily the sweetest pout of the night if I do say so myself.

can we get charles barkley to rap about this?
While this latte cup pour (no reason to pout:-) was excellent, your finals pour was actually better with a bit better heart definition and excellent wave around frame... alas if not for that wee bit of spill on the one side when setting it down slightly ripping the wave. The finals saucer was of course much more boring! Even so was an extremely close final head to head...(latte round pics not up in my homepage event album yet, probably tomorrow)

Oh, FWIW that be a quad shot Double Decker, nekkid double pulled in each... as all the Throwdown shots were pulled nekkid by some yahoo who opened his place to get semi-severely (lovingly) trashed...What! Nekkid! We did say it was gonna be a party!

(Honestly amazed myself a bit for an old fart, while pulling dozens and dozens and dozens of nekkid shots for the great competitor's pours- which is really no big deal 'cuz all our production shots are pulled nekkid - AND taking pictures of the pours between builds didn't have a single channeler all night. Makes me laugh at some of the extreme PF prep rituals I've oft read about. Not one of my pulls was even leveled before tamp let alone Chicago chopped or Stockflethed or WDT stirred or vibrated or whatever...doser thwack distribute, light settling down tap on mat tamp lock and pull...KISS)

Bryan Wray said:
Easily the sweetest pout of the night if I do say so myself.

Can we get Sir Charles to rap first?


That was him rapping?

...oh... um... oh.



Jared Rutledge said:
can we get charles barkley to rap about this?
THat taco bell commercial with Charles Barkley drives me insane. Get the old school blu blocker sunglasses guy to rap =P

Jared Rutledge said:
can we get charles barkley to rap about this?
You guys should pour into the taco bell box. Then maybe you can get Mr. Barkley in on the action!

Ricky Sutton said:
Perhaps round 2 could involve pouring into anything other than a vessel designed for coffee? Or should we stop complicating things?
Hey Mike/Bry, when you get your pictures compiled, would you mind e-mailing them to me & i'll do the same for you? Thanks!

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