This morning, an old lady, reached inside mt tip jar to get exact change to pay for her order....  i was really upset, but didn't say anything just watched as i steamed milk, i'm sure my mouth was hanging open. what would you do???

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I Absolutely! say something. This is a huge pet peev of mine, I tell them straight up "dont reach in there, if you need change ill get it for you from the drawer" I tell even the regulars not to reach in there, even though i trust them. I would never reach in your purse or wallet for change, so dont reach in my tip jar!

next time try rummaging through her purse for some gum

We use a deep wicker vase (narrow neck wide base) shaped jar. The only way anything comes out is if you pick it up and turn in upside down. That way we don't have to call out little old ladies on the prowl for our gratuity.

I just re read this and she was taking money out? not making change? oh man, ive had this happen before and when they went to pay i took the change they had on the counter and dumped it back in the tip jar. This is not a "take a penny leave a penny".

I'd have said something.


Try to remember her, and move the tip jar the next time she comes up.  You can be as subtle or as obvious as you want.


We have an old lady that comes in the afternoon and orders something that she knows requires us to go to the kitchen for.  We've heard her rummaging around in the jar before, and now quietly move it when she comes in the door.  Don't know her story - maybe she's broke, maybe she's a klepto... but it doesn't much matter.  Whatever her issue is, our tip jar wants no part of it.

thanks for all the responses.


I've seen some places put water in the jar and call it a Wishing Well.  I thought it was pretty funny and really smart!

but then the bills would get soggy

Fraser Jamieson said:

I've seen some places put water in the jar and call it a Wishing Well.  I thought it was pretty funny and really smart!

 I've encountered this 3 times.

 They handed me the money and wonder why I don't accept it...they look at me...and I give them the most soul-peering, "are you serious", and "oh hell no" blank stare I can conjure.


 I took the amount they pulled out and put it back in the jar. I took what they gave me, minus MY cut of the deal.


 May not be proper shop etiquette...but they weren't displaying anything proper either.


Then again I'm probably a little more confrontational than the average barista (whenever it is called for that is!) *shrugs*

Good for you! That's how rude people should be dealt with.

A while back, I was at a cafe near to here where I had my jacket over a chair, plus my glasses and pager (like a cell phone but for old people) sitting on a table. When I came back from the washroom some fat cow had placed her purse on my table and had moved my glasses to a different table. She'd knocked my pager onto the chair with her purse.

So...I took my glasses, placed them back on the table I had been sitting at, and took the cow's purse and threw it across the room onto a sofa.

There's just some crap I won't put up with: Don't touch my stuff; don't touch my junk; don't touch my money.

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