Anyone here having success with these? If so, how do you structure them? I'm in a midsize town with little coffee culture, but we're getting there... but this would be totally foreign. I'd still like to offer it, but want to make sure I have my ducks in a row before rolling out a great idea in a not-so-great way. 

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Question...what is a tasting fight exactly?
Ya, maybe sharing what a tasting flight is would be good
Sorry. Like you offer one pour-over for, say, $3, and a "tasting flight" of three pourovers for like $7.50 or so. I've not encountered it in person, just seen it on menus in pictures from places like Brown in San Antonio and another I can't think of right now... Obviously it's not a ubiquitous concept, but seems like a cool thing to offer.

I think tasting flights are a great idea.  A while back at my shop we did our take on it that may provide food for thought.  We made an event of it.  One day, $6 for 3 different brew methods and the coffees that we felt were the best way to highlight the brew method. 


If I had it my way, I'd do a similar thing, but would make one coffee several different ways (press, v60, spro, vac pot, etc.).  Have a different coffee highlighted each day you do it.  I'd maybe make Saturdays "flight days" and do a different coffee each week.  Obviously, price should vary based on coffee and on which methods you're using. 


Just a thought.

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