I'm looking for a new tamper.  I've been using the shop's basic rattleware for the last 2 years, another shop's old Reg before that.  Time for something special, no?

Possibilities appear endless.  I have some favorites after playing with a few, but haven't used one in "real life" yet.

I'm curious about the "9th Street Espresso" tamper from EP.  The contour feels great, but I wonder if the unfinished surface gets slippery during use?

Also, what is the story with the Project Black Cat tamper?  Obviously it looks incredible.  It looks like an anodized version of the 9th street handle in some pictures, more like the distressed Compressore in others.  Regardless, it appears to be unavailable.  Anybody have the scoop on this?

Any surface finishes that people find to not work in battle?

Thanks for any help.

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I have tested it with a great number of different coffees and machines. I have conducted blind tests with myself and other Baristas around the mid-west. I have always gotten the same result. The C-Ripple makes sweeter shots.

Jeff Jaworski said:
The C-Ripple is a fad that does absolutely nothing for the shot pull and will fall under the wayside in no time, though I don't wish to be seen here as just talking sh#@$ about Reg's products as they are for the most part awesome and I do own a couple of them. If you're gonna with go a Reg Barber then stick with one of their SS flat or C-flat pistons.

I would suggest purchasing a 9th Street/EPNW hybrid tamper 3.25'' base w/ convex piston if you're using an E-61 brew group. Flat piston for anything else(I screw on a 49mm flat for my Cremina).

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