The cafe I'm at is looking at upgrading our grinder situation. We are looking into getting a couple or Mazzers, probably the major or super jolly for regular and the mini for decaf. My question is this: do I go with electronic dosing, or save the money and get the basic/non-electronic dosing? If anybody has any experience with this, I'd love some tips. Thank you!

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Zayde, Good choice on the Majors. For the money, I think that's a great choice! I just got my Major in and can't wait to get the equipment in the shop. I have been using one for decaf next to a Robur for the last year at my last shop and it was great!

Zayde Naquib said:
Thank you for all the wonderful advice.  After reviewing several different options, brands, price points, etc, we are going to go with a pair of Mazzer Majors with timers.  I feel very fortunate to be able to utilize Barista Exchange.  As a relatively newer member it has helped me tremendously and I am amazed at the kindness and openness of members willing to share info.  It really is a wonderful community.

Yes they were silly, as silly as using a Mini in a commercial setting.  This is the last reply I will make to this point, it's not fair to argue on someone else's topic.


Zayde, my point was simply that a Mini might be *labeled* a commercial grinder, but it is absolutely ridiculous to use one in a shop setting.  The quality of the grind, speed of the grinder, size of the motor, and rate at which it will overheat is something that would kill even the slowest coffee shop during a "rush."  Obviously, your research led you to that conclusion as well, as you have decided to go with Majors.


Zayde, for more information on entry level grinders you should search the "Titan Grinder Project."



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