I am thinking about getting a Rancilio Silvia for home use and have a question. I see the version 2 selling very cheap, less than half refurbished, compared to the V.3. Is there a big difference in the 2 and 3 or would a 2 be a good place to start? I intend to pick up a good grinder soon for it also.


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Get the 2, there is really no difference between them. Just make sure its not trashed/scaled up. Then use the money you saved to buy a pid.

I like the 3 because you have the updated knobs and I believe the PID works well. I would always go with the updated model. I would rather have the breville double broiler but thats my preference.

The 3 doesnt have a pid, it has the same crappy temp stability the 1 and 2 have. The only difference is the rubber on the steam wand knob.

Dustin, my bad you are right.  So why buy a new product just for the rubber. But its a nicer to hold. But I always like the newest thing. I believe the breville double broiler smokes it.

I appreciate the replies. I do intend to add a pid myself, I figured I may as well buy a good used one or refurbished due to the warranty being voided anyway. Thanks again!

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