I'm curious. The shop I "grew up" in as a barista used Whole Milk as default for capps, lattes, etc. 2% was used for the low-fat versions and there was no fat free milk to be found on the premises. This seems like a no brainer to me. Am I crazy? When someone says the word milk, I think Whole Milk, because that's what milk is. If you mean any other kind of milk that's been modified in some way, you qualify by saying, "Skim Milk", or "Low Fat Milk", or "Fat Free Milk." Right? So, by extending that logic, shouldn't drink names be treated the same way? Now, I'm hearing that some places, including *$, are using 2% as their standard, default milk. Is this really true? Is there a general industry standard on this? I get really pissed if I order a cappucino and take a sip only to discover that the barista used low-fat milk without even asking me. I don't need a societal nanny forcing me to cut down on my fat intake. I choose when and where to cut the fat, thanks. That just doesn't seem right. Do any of you offer skim in your places? We do, but it steams/foams/pours/tastes like crap. Maybe it's my skills, I don't know, but I want to nix it. Thoughts, opinions, comiserations???

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The one answer here is flavour, if it tastes great then go with it. Sometimes I mix whole with semi half and half, and that seams to taste great and allows me to get more foam volume if doing a capps.
Bryan Wray said:
My experience with stopping and starting is that it always kills my art, no matter what the milk type. The top of the cup just becomes too hard to break up if I stop and then start again. Maybe I'll try doing this step faster and see what I get. I'll post back to the thread later today after my shift.


Maybe a tulip?
Whole is our standard. We carry skim as well and so if need to make 2% we can just mix half whole and half skim. But whole stretches so much nicer than skim. You need the fat molecules to make good micro foam.

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