Barista Magazine just reported that the SouthWest regional has been canceled?!  Supposedly, this is due to insufficient sponsorship.

Can anyone confirm?

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I'm not from the SW Region but that would SUCK! But I fully believe the reason given. Last year I looked into getting a ballpark what it would cost to Host a Regional and it'll easily be a few years 'til I can swing it. IIRC I'd have to shell out of pocket a bare minimum $10k, augmented by me (The HOST) finding offsetting sponsorship funding.
Yep, was canceled. Lack of sponsor.
i was in the chat room during the SERBC finals and ellie matuszak confirmed it was cancelled
This makes me have a huge sad.
There needs to be contingencies for this type of problem.."lack of sponsorship". Maybe.. smaller low key competition that doesn't cost 10k. On a region like this with a small amount of participants that should definitely be the case. A blemish on the entire competition if you ask me..and a bit embarrasing for our region. Or if this is forseen merge it with the West to have somewhere for these talented Baristas to compete.
two years ago we had the southwest compete in austin at the same time as the south central.
Southwest Baristas are always welcome in the Mountain Region!
That's what I'm talking about!! Too bad Midwest is over this year, or I'd send out the same offer!

Jesse Bladyka said:
Southwest Baristas are always welcome in the Mountain Region!

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