I had a small cafe & bakery in Hattiesburg, MS that I'm
selling because I'm moving to Costa Rica. Most people here are interested in just the property, and not the equipment. That is why I'm selling this lightly used, 220, 3-group Cyncra machine available for $7,000. on BaristaExchange
It comes with the safari rack, 3 portfilters, 1 naked portafilter, various
baskets (all from Synesso) , & extra gaskets, & supplies to perform routine maintenance. This
machine has been babied and is in near perfect condition inside & out
except for some small scratches on the polished stainless area near one of
the groupheads where a barista got a little carried away with cleaning.

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Is it still for sale?
Yes, it is! you can email me at me (at) dominiquemccall (dot) com for more info & I would be happy to send pics.

John J.H. Bang said:
Is it still for sale?
Here are some photos of the Synesso!
I wish I could buy that machine. Beautiful.
Is this still available.
It has sold! But thanks for thinking of me!

Jeremiah Perrine said:
Is this still available.
Hi I'm up in Canada and would be interested in checking it out. Please forward me some pictures and do you still carry a warranty on it ?

Is still available?????


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