S.O. Specialty Beans! What are your favorites to use for espresso?

What are your favorite Single origin coffees to use as espresso?
What are some really great S.O. experiences you have had?

Right now I love using a lighter-medium roasted Ethiopian Sidamo from Alliance World Coffees.
A lot of morphing fruits and spicy almond notes on the finish.

-Chris Deferio

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My favorites of the recent past:

-Papua New Guinea: From the Chimbu region, from a collective called "Tribal Aromas". Ultra heavy, with notes of tropical stone fruit and a slight smoke aroma. Really great in a small volume drink, although it cuts through 12oz of milk surprisingly well.

-Ethiopia Amaro Gayo: From the Sidamo region. Big blueberry and raspberry body, with notes of meyer lemon. Amazing as a straight shot, and with the aid of milk, tastes like the best mixed berry pie you've ever had.

-Guatemala Hermosa Reserva: From Finca Vista Hermosa, huehuetenango region. Spanky acidity, wild notes of tangerine, milk chocolate, and sweet floral notes. 3 oz americano's of this make me happy.

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