May I have a 12oz sugar-free vanilla soy latte extra hot to go. I'll take a bag of that Ethiopia Jimma too. After making her bev walks over to the condiment station and adds a bag of sugar in the raw to the SUGAR-FREE vanilla (Monin:) latte before she tastes it! Had to keep myself from laughing out loud. Guess she knows just how much sugar she likes in her sugar free lattes. Funny customers, I like them, they help pay the bills.

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Love it. And I love that after all the alterations 2 lattes can cost 16 dollars. Thank you very much.


people are amazing
Well it always amazed me when someone order a vanilla decaf none fat latte than buy 2 of our homemade croissant and ask for a side of butter

Here's one for you all, customer asks for a large Breve Mocha with extra chocolate and extra caramel, but is put out that we don't offer sugar free caramel because it "adds to many calories"....right before asking if we have any whip cream to put on top.


I can't make this crap up.

ASH!  How are you?!



Re: Sugar Free


Just to note that there are millions of diabetics out there, enjoying your coffee. They have to be careful about their sugar consumption, and asking for sugar free syrup often has nothing to do with calories.


Ron, the Country Guy

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