So the 9th annual Roasters Guild Retreat was held at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson Washington. The SCAA did a great job putting on this event, and i have nothing bad to say about that. I do have a problem I'm dealing with regarding the accounting dept. of the lodge itself. here's the story...

On the last night of the retreat i was all out of cigarettes so i went to the front counter to buy a pack, when i tried to pay with my personal credit card they said they couldn't take it and it would have to be charged to the room. the room was paid for by my employer, but i thought what the hell i'll pay him back when i get home.

the next morning at check out the lady at the counter says "alright room 111 to check out, by the way there is a 7 dollar and whatever it was charge to the room is this correct" or something like that, and i say "yeah for cigarettes, but can i put that charge on my personal card?" "no problem" she says. the day after i get home i check my bank statement and there is a 598$ charge on my account! needless to say that totally broke the bank for me and now i'm broke and pissed! i call the lodge up to find out what went wrong, and they get back to me the next day, they put the money back in my account but it's going to take 24 to 48 hours to post. so my account overdrafts and i have no money to buy grocery's baby formula for my newborn or anything else. well we need food so i go pawn my guitar for 75 bucks, and we're just waiting around. i asked the lodge what they where going to do to compensate me for this tragic inconvenience and they kind of waffle around about it so i tell them that i want them to comp my stay to make up for what they have put me through. i tell them that if i go to a restaurant and there is a fly in the soup i ain't paying for the meal, and i want them to comp the room or at the very least one night. so i still haven't heard back from them.

what i want from you guys is for you to call and leave a message at (509)427-2525, saying that you are a concerned member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, and you heard what the lodge did to John Cunningham, and you think they should Comp one night of his stay. i figure if they get a bunch of messages maybe they will call me back and compensate me for my trouble.

thanks to any BXers that help me out with this.

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i just re read this and realized that i didn't explain in paragraph 3 that when she transferred the cigarettes she also erroneously transferred the entire bill for the stay which is not what i asked her to do and she didn't give me any receipt or i would have noticed right then what error had been made. okay rant over please call and leave a message.
Fixed thanks to anyone who called.

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