I am in the process of learning more about siphon brewing to eventually offer it in my shop as a brew method we use regularly. We currently use Beehouse, Clever, Chemex and Aeropress. The thing I've noticed is there is not much in the way or specific brew profiles for Siphon. Considering the temperature control one can have with a siphon, it seems logical to use that to our advantage and create some tasty coffee.

What are your preferred brew profiles for siphon? 

I've heard/seen/read anything from huge updose with short brew times, to regular dose and longer brew times, etc. I would love some input on brew profiles and their impact on flavor. Here is my current favorite:

TC = Top Chamber

BC = Bottom Chamber

Coffee - Sulawesi ground slightly more coarse than drip - 30g (450g H20)

Heat water in BC to 200F and seal TC

As water fills TC - lower heat

Add ground coffee when TC is 198-200F (if temp is high stir water with whisk)

Vigorous stir after adding coffee (8ish times)

Keep temp stable 198-200F

Stir at 45s

Lower heat - allow brew temp to fall to 194-196F

Heat off at 1:40

Gentle stir (2 times)

Draw down until 2:30-2:40

Cup is bright, sweet, some mandarin orange. Compared to beehouse it has a bit more intense sweetness. Maybe lacking a bit in body

I've noticed if the brew temp stays too high there is a slight astringent note in the cup. Shorter brew times with higher doses seem a bit on the sour side. Happy to try other profiles and compare!!

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