I'm going to be in clearwater for roaster training at Ambex next week. Just wondering if there are any good shops nearby or on the way. I'd be coming from Birmingham, AL.

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Monin has their bottling plant there and its well worth the visit. Call ahead to see if you can get a tour.
i dunno how much time i have, but I'll check it out. thanks.
I think you'll be meeting at New Harmony Coffee & Tea - Terry is a vocal advocate of the single espresso from their lever machine, and I would love if you shared your thoughts on it!
Hope you find some other places to enjoy
Feel free to stop by Volta on your way down (or up). We're in Gainesville's downtown, about 10 minutes off of I-75, three hours north of Clearwater. We currently have Brazil CoE first-place coffee Fazenda Kaquend on the syphon, Chemex, or Clover. After Thursday we'll have another shipment of Mike Phillip's Rwanda CoE espresso that he used at the WBC.
thanks anthony. I'll try to stop by on my way down. I would love to try the Clover.

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