I"m going to be in the Washington D.C. area for a couple of weeks and I need a cafe or two that will make me feel at home (I will really need few morning espressos if I don't want the withdraw headaches that come with a day sans espresso). I met some people at SCAA this year that were out there so I know I have options, its just that it was always around 1am at Octane when I talked to them and I can't for the life of me remember the names of the shops. I will be staying in Virginia about 20 minutes outside of D.C. if that helps. Also, I am not looking to get behind a bar per se, just a place to get some coffee. This is my first non-coffee related trip in years (origin trips and scaa events are awesome, but this trip is to fulfill some of my other interests in life). Let me know what my options are and if any of you work out there it would be nice to get some input on things to see while I am visiting.



p.s. this is assuming that Murky has not re-opened yet? I honestly don't know what the plan is with Nick and those guys but if they have something open I would much rather just hang out at their place.

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Well, since no one got back to me on this and I have been in D.C for almost a week I thought I would post something about my coffee travels.....Basically I wondered aimlessly around the DC area visiting several cafe's and roaster/cafe's only to be horribly let down in every instance. Luckily I received a msg yesterday instructing me to head down to peregrine espresso near capitol hill (Ryan Jensons new place). I am happy to say that the coffee community is live and well in D.C. albeit hard to find unless you know people in the "in" crowd. I have been told that Nick Cho's new place should open next week but sadly i will be gone before it opens.
DC is about an hour away from me, and I have yet to go in search of good coffee there... Sorry :/

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