I'm getting frustrated with the lack of adjustability on the standard Bunn G1 grinder I use at my shop, as well as the coffee loss that sort of plagues this grinder.

A lot of shops use the Mahlkonig Kenias and Guatemalas, and I've seen some Dittings as well. Then there are Compaks — we have a K8 Fresh for espresso and love it, but I don't know a single person with a Compak drip grinder, so I have no reference point.

I'd love to stay under $2K on this... am leaning heavily toward the Kenia based on a couple coffee friends' recommendations, but am wondering what anyone else thinks about this. Mainly I want something that does a great job with Fetco-size batches, with some adjustability in order to dial in particular coffees. Would love it if the same grinder is also good for use with small-batch, single-cup brews as well.


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Well, if small-notch adjustability was your only issue on the G1, I'd suggest a cheap and easy customization - retrofitting the decal and adjustment detent plate from the Trifecta G2. This involves 2 parts, and gives you substantially smaller adjustment notches, tied with a numbered dial for clear communications and record keeping. Will post more info on this later if you're interested.

I am>

Ok. The important functional bit is the Detent Plate. This plastic insert is the piece that determines how many stops the dial has and where they are. The sticker makes the whole thing make sense. I believe the pair of part runs about $10. You can buy them anywhere Bunn parts are sold, though it will probably be a special-order.

Here are the Bunn part numbers:

11067.0001 Detent Plate, G2 Trifecta

11075.0100 Decal, Grind Select Dial, Trifecta

Replacement of the detent plate is pretty straightforward, iirc. I think you just remove the knob, pop the old one out, and put the new one in its place.

NOTE: ALWAYS create and store a grind sample for your current drip setting before messing with the adjustment knob. It will save your butt! In this case I'd also recommend creating samples for other commonly-used grind settings (French Press, dripcone, etc) in order to help you figure out which number setting corresponds to Electric Perc.

Hope that helps.


If you decide not to go Brady's route (which seems like a good cost conscious option), I can't recommend Dittings highly enough.  Easy as pie to adjust (it's a continuous grind adjustment) and great consistency/reliability.  We have 2 KR1203s (the big boys) and are looking at the smaller 804.  With the 804 coming in at just over $2k, you'll have to decide if it's worth it for your needs.  I would argue "yes," but I don't know your particular needs/uses and it's not my choice.  Hope you find the grinder you're looking for!

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