Hey everybody, I hope you could help me out. I am looking to buy a scale to use for measuring the brewing parameters for espresso (Grams into portafilter, mL/grams out, volume etc). What's a good affordable scale that y'all recommend that consistently measures accurately? What are you currently using? I've tried using a Jennings but it does a poor job for that purpose. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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I use the AMW-2000. Goes down to .1g, but can handle a whole portafilter, has a "no auto-off" feature.

I second that recommendation. And order it will a wall supply if, like me, you don't like using batteries. You might think about using a second scale for the liquid weight. This can be an inexpensive, thin, small scale that fits right under the portafilter so you can watch the weight as its pouring. One gram accuracy is sufficient for this, and you won't have to ( or forget to!) tare the scale like, twice, for every shot.

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