We're looking for some additional help at the 2011 SCAA Event!  Volunteers receive discounts on their expo registration-so volunteering is a great way to connect with other attendees and save money while at the show!  The SCAA is truly an organization built by the members, for the members and we rely heavily on our dedicated volunteers to accomplish this task. It is the strong commitment from our volunteers that makes the SCAA so successful. And, during our Annual Exposition the number of volunteers can easily reach 300 or more individuals who help in a number of positions to make sure the Exposition is a success.


For additional information & point system breakdown, please contact Renee Espinoza at Volunteers@scaa.org or visit http://scaaevent.org/?p=volunteer.



USBC Head Runner – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for managing the competitors as they take the stage and verifying that the equipment is properly placed on the stage.


USBC Busser – 5 Points

This position is responsible for cleaning up each set of dishes after each set of drinks is prepared. An added bonus to this position is that you will have an opportunity to taste the competitor’s drinks.


USBC Preparation Timer – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for using a stopwatch to time the competitor during the preparation period.


USBC Competition Timer – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for using a stopwatch to time the competitor during the competition period.


USBC Station Maintenance – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for cleaning the espresso machines and grinders.


USBC Scorekeeper – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for tabulating the competitor score sheets.


USBC Café Help – 5 Points

This volunteer will help prepare and serve drinks in the USBC Café. This position is not guaranteed. You will be contacted to complete a pre-qualification interview before final confirmation will be given.


US Cup Tasters Championships: Runners – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for taking the brewed coffee from the brewing area to the competition stage immediately after it is brewed and bussing the dishes at the end of each round.


US Cup Tasters Championships: Head Brewer – 5 Points

This volunteer is in charge of the brewing area. Responsibilities include making sure the coffee is weighed and ground properly, that all coffees are brewed at the same time, and maintaining the proper flow of the brewing area.


US Cup Tasters Championships: Brewer – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for properly brewing the coffees for the competition under the direction of the Head Brewer.


US Cup Tasters Championships: Scorekeeper – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for tabulating the competitor score sheets.


US Cup Tasters Championships: Dishwasher – 5 Points

This volunteer is responsible for cleaning and preparing the dishes for each round.


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Okay, wait a minute.  


I was looking at the breakdown of the point system and it's takes a minimum of seven (7) points to receive an Exhibit & Lecture Pass.


The positions above are five (5) points per volunteer slot.  How long are these slots?  And in order to get any value out of it, you have to work two slots for ten (10) total points???


Now, here's the catch:  that's the "price" of the volunteer badges IF you register BEFORE March 13th!  What day is it today???  March 29th...


So, now that same pass will cost you nine (9) points, or eleven (11) points if you're not an SCAA member.  Meaning that non-member VOLUNTEERS have to work three (3) slots for a total of fifteen (15) points.


In the past, this has meant working as a volunteer the entire trade show - meaning that you have no meaningful time to attend lectures or view the exhibits.


This is completely absurd.  


The SCAA, through these programs, are PENALIZING the volunteers - the very people they depend on to make a profit for the association.  Volunteers are working under the guise that they will reap some sort of benefit from their work, but the reality is that they will spend much of their time working (mostly without thanks) and never have the time or ability to actually take advantage of the lectures and exhibits the association is charging them so much for.


Quite honestly, the SCAA (if they insist on this point system) should be giving their volunteers trade show passes for the absolute minimum volunteer involvement.  Work one five (5) point slot and get a show pass so that you can see the new things the industry has to offer.  Work two slots and get the lecture addendum (since they want to make it seem like it costs them more).


The member elected (and member financed) SCAA Board of Directors completely ignores the fact that supporting the association through volunteer work costs the volunteers real money: in terms of travel, accommodation and meals in Houston to time from work and time from family lost.


It certainly is telling when the SCAA Board of Directors and staff are luxuriating in comfy rooms and suites at the Hilton (on the SCAA dollar), towering above the George Brown Convention center while their free volunteers are scrounging their tips, sleeping on floors and scraping by to support an association they want to believe in.

Preach it Jay. Two big thumbs up!!

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