I'll be in the San Francisco area attending a Boot coffee course in a couple of weeks.(STOKED!)  Can anyone recommend any great coffee shops to visit while in the area?I've already got Verve, Four Barrel and Blue Bottle on the list.  What shouldn't I miss? Any great restaurant and must see/do recommendations are appreciated as well.  Thanks!

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Danny it! You beat me to saying sightglass. Webster blue bottle has a gesha espresso thats pretty great right now. And I'm going to have to add flying goat to that list since I work there, though its in healdburg not the city.
Ps, please tell us how the boot coures go, I've wondered what they teach for all the money.
Dang it, not Danny it. Stupid phone...

Haha, awesome...!

Ricky Sutton said:

I will now say "Danny it!" any time I'm in distress.
Thanks a lot guys.  I'll be sure to check those places out. Don't know if I'll be able to make it up your way Dustin but if I do I'll be sure to stop in.  I'll also let you know how the Boot course goes.  It looks like it'll be a pretty good bang for my buck.  I'm hoping it really is intense like a coffee "Boot Camp" and that's not just a clever play on words.  :)
For SF coffee, Im gonna throw Ma'velous into the mix. Talk about 'swank'.
I also suggest trying some Dynamo donuts, but thats mostly coz I like donuts. 
Are you taking the roasting courses? I know they offer a bunch of different courses. Ive recently thought about trying to take course like this, but instead have opted for asking as many questions as I can possibly think of to our/my roaster. Lucky hes not one of those "I roast coffee, and that makes me better than everyone, and im not going to tell you sh*t" type of people.
Oh and Ive never been to Ma'velous, but I meet the guy who tricked out there machine. Its insane! Its enough of a reason to go in my opinion.

Thanks for the suggestions Benza.  I'll try to check out Ma'velous.  I could go for a good donut too.  Dustin, I'm going out there for the advanced roasting course.  I really just love coffee and want to learn as much as I can about it.  I've been roasting for 4 years now and feel I have a decent grasp on the principals for a relative new-comer.  I can't gain any knowledge locally aside from bouncing ideas off the guys I work with and reading, roasting, cupping and roasting some more really so I figured I'd give this course a shot. I'll let you know how it goes.  I figure if roasting is your passion and your job even with airfare it's a pretty good deal as long it's all it's billed to be.  Have you seen the origin courses they offer by the way?  Killer! 

panama gesha birdsong course. hmmm.... I wondering if they have a sliding payment scale.
Twin Peaks if you've never been there before. really great panoramic view of the whole city. a very great sight to see. You'll want to also try "ritual coffee" and "Coffee Bar" I just love the whole layout and look of coffee bar. they got great coffee also
Any other people out there like coffee bar/mr espresso? I kind of discounted them on the name alone. But I recently had a couple people tell me they like them, and was kind of shocked to be honest. They have the hands down biggest roaster ive ever seen in my life though... easily a thousand pounds+.

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