I'll be in the San Francisco area attending a Boot coffee course in a couple of weeks.(STOKED!)  Can anyone recommend any great coffee shops to visit while in the area?I've already got Verve, Four Barrel and Blue Bottle on the list.  What shouldn't I miss? Any great restaurant and must see/do recommendations are appreciated as well.  Thanks!

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Thanks Jimmy and Erin!
Thanks for the recommendations guys, those sound like some great places. I'm going to have trouble trying to visit all of them while I'm out there.  Farm:Table looks especially good.  Has anyone been to the Blue Bottle roastery and if so is it worth going out to Oakland for or is it better to just go to one of their shops in SF?  Also, any recommendations on a good ramen house?  I can't get real ramen locally other than what I cook at home.  What about some great beer?  Thanks again guys!  I'll be sure to let you know how everything was when I get home.
Theres really no need to go to Oakland to visit blue bottle, the sf locations will suit you fine. And I don't drink, or really eat ramon so I can't help you there. I have decided to take the boot coffee roasting course though, so I'm really interested to hear about your experience
Awesome Dustin!  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Got a shot of espresso and a single cup pour over of an El Salvador at Sight Glass today. Was super impressed with the whole experience. The shot was great, sweet and complex heavy and well balanced.  The El Salvador was awesome, juicy, sweet acidity and FULL bodied.  

Also stopped by Four Barrel but I wasn't as impressed with their offerings.  It was good but the espresso, I think a S.O. Costa Rica was a little on the bright side, I like a pretty bright espresso too, although it was a little too bright it had a nice gram cracker like complexity to it. The coffee, from what I could gather the same Costa Rica as the espresso, was a little flat.  It was brewed in a french press so it may just be the preparation that I didn't care for too much.  Really cool space and vibe at Four Barrel though.  I enjoyed watching the roaster work as I sipped my coffee and was surprised how quiet their Probat was.  I couldn't really hear the roaster running but could clearly hear first crack from 15 feet away.  


I also picked up a bag of beans at each spot a Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Las Flores from Sight Glass and a Ethiopia Welena Suke Quto form Four Barrel.  


San Francisco is a charmed city.  I was a little jealous, to say the least, when the roasters at Sight Glass showed up for work with wet, wetsuits apparently just after a surf in some fun looking conditions at Ocean Beach.  Can't wait for the first day of the roasting workshop in the morning.    

Ya sightglass really is hands down the best espresso in the city. There build out just got completed so you came at a good time. I'm not a fan of the espresso I've had from four barrel, but I have had some pretty great Columbia from them. Have fun tomorrow! Oh and I'm roasting some GUJI suke quto right now at home, it pretty amazing stuff!

la briciola.

a top rated sf italian restaurant.

on 3rd st @ stillman.


tell rhiannon, danny latte sent ya!



So Zach any updates on the course?
Dustin the course went great.  I only wish I would have taken it earlier.  Not really having a local resource to further my development as a roaster I felt that I had reached a plateau in my growth.  I feel the course expanded my knowledge and gave me a better understanding of how to continually improve as a roaster.  Four other enthusiastic roasters were a part of the class.  It was  a great group but unfortunately I had the most roasting experience of the group.  I wish there were some others more experienced than myself in the group.  Overall I think the course was a success.
Awesome! Glad to hear that the course was a success! Can't wait to take it myself, Im very new to coffee roasting so any guidance from knowledgeable people will be greatly beneficial. How did you like the city?

San Francisco: Ritual is another place to check out. And down the street from Ritual is a great Thai restaurant.

Santa Cruz: There used to be a place downtown on the main street - but don't know if its there any more.

Have a great time.

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