Hey everyone, my friend and I are making the trek down from Portland to the Bay area next week for a coffee crawl. We are hitting all the major spots (Ritual, Sightglass, Four Barrel, Blue Bottle), but I am wondering if there are any that are off the beaten path that are underappreciated. Thanks!

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Alchemy Cooperative is a great coffee spot, barefoot,pacific bay,eccocaffe,catahoula, mr. Espresso has been around for a while and actually has some descent coffee.
A little bit outside SF but worth the drive! http://steeltowncoffee.com/

A fun little place I stopped into the last time I was there was Haus.  In the mission, using Ritual beans, might be worth the visit if you are looking for another place.

Mavelous is cool(stumptown, and 49th parallel) , Epicenter(barefoot), Stanza on Haight st.(Augies). In oakland is a place called Modern(Its been a while, and I cant remember who they serve), Berkeley has Local 123(four barrel).

Did you have any luck on your trip?

I'm travelling from Dayton, OH to San Francisco early December to attend the Roast Profiling and Cupping course at Boot Coffee.  I'd love to meet some people who can show me the city as I will be alone for four days out there haha


I would recommend any of the places I visited. In fact, I would love to hear what you thought of them once you go. I didn't make it to any of the other places, due to time constraints.



Epicenter and Philz are great!

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