Hello, I'm getting a quest m3 roaster asap! I have very little roasting experience, but I know a bit about it. 


I know all coffees are different, and some work better at different levels. My preference would be to find the sweet spot where the delicacies and tasting notes are clear. Typically this is between first and second correct? 


Once again, I know it's impossible to say, especially because you don't know my coffee. But could I get a few general profiles for this roast in an electric drum? 


How do you find these sweet spots? Should I pull a batch every 5, 10, or 15 seconds? 


Any roasting help would be spectacular. I've been around it a lot, and read a lot about it, so I'll know what you're talking about :) 



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I'd suggest taking a starting with a origin/bean that you like, has a uniform prep, fairly high grown that works and transforms at different levels. A decent WP central would work well. Go to Sweet Marias where you can get a detailed review that will tell you what to look for at different levels and buy 10lbs of the same beans. Follow some of the suggestions from the links I recommend. Take a first roast into a rolling second crack to get familiar with the full range. Then work towards lighter roasts. It will take a lot of practice and getting a feel for the roaster and beans much like your other hobby.

If you already have an origin/bean in mind we might be able to help further.

I was thinking about this coffee.

john, saw your post here...wondering if you followed thru with getting an m3, and if so, how have you been enjoying it?

i am looking to purchase one myself, just listed an ad here looking for a gently used one.

somewhere i saw someone said they purchased directly from the manufacturer in taiwan, and saved about $200.  may i ask where you purchased your's?



the coffee hound

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