I could really use your help everyone. A friend of mine -who is an amazing roaster- is opening up to the public in Toronto ON, and wants to name his roastery "Tangerine Tree" (he roasts on a beautiful Orange Dietrich). He wants that logo smacked right on the beautiful orange Dietrich and I think he is making a mistake. "Tangerine Tree" IMO has nothing to do with coffee, and he shouldn't just pick a name based on the colour of his roaster, his argument is "coffee grows on trees, tangerine is a hip colour and it conveys energy, it is also his precious baby's colour "!!! not sure this a solid argument. 

I need you to help me vote on the name that was originally picked "Blue Kettle", until

he changed his mind to "Tangerine Tree". Although I think "Blue Kettle" is not the best

name for a coffee roaster, I think he'll be better off down the road instead of getting that  "Tangerine Tree" name on his roaster, what do you think?

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IMO Tangerine Tree a right fine name if the Owner likes it. What's in a name? A fairly well known roaster named theirs after tree stumps and is doing just fine. Get some Tangerine Trees as ornamental indoor plants and run with it. Make people ask hmmm, why the name. AND now and then you'll run across some mighty fine coffees with Tangerine notes, jump on 'em and promote the hell out of 'em!

Thank you Mike, but why do I feel "Blue Kettle" is more catchy?

Maybe because of Blue Bottle in California or the word Kettle. But it doesn't really matter, until You are the one putting your Life and everything you own on the line doesn't matter. When/if you open your place, call it whatever you want.


Then again maybe you have decades of experience successfully marketing specialty coffee so I should shut the frak up. :-)

I am thinking: Tangerine Bean Coffee Roasters. btw, I am a partner and he really appreciate my opinion, we are cool that way.

Well why didn't you say as much in the first place! Now personally I'd go with Tangerine "Bean" over "Tree". Bright orange bean of some kind logo etc. BTW you can use as ammo coffee does NOT grow on a tree, it grows on what is technically a shrub. Tangerine Shrub Coffee Roasters just has no ring to it :-) 

Tangerine Bean is definitely the most fun to say.  In my experience, people love alliteration, it really helps things stick.  The "Blue Kettle" sounds more like a diner, conveying a greater sense of a country kitchen to me than coffee roaster.  Where the "Tangerine Bean" does a better job implying the relation to coffee, it lends itself to more colorful packaging too.

As the story of the name continues, and after much brainstorming: 

"Copper Roasterie"...........love it.


-A freshly melted and exposed surface copper has a reddish-orange colour, so my friend's orangey name wish came true ;)
- Although copper is one of the essential nutrients required by the human body for both physical and mental health, an excessive copper concentration in the human body becomes a toxic threat. Now here is the best part "drinking coffee habitually may be helpful in reducing copper concentrations, which might lead to a reduction in copper toxicity."
- Copper is fiery in colour, so it is a suitable name for a coffee roaster.
- Copper is classy, yet could convey a rustic feel, hence high quality beans, roasted in a rustic atmosphere.

Thank you Kevin and Mike for your input, it helped me stay on track.

Hmm, I love branding discussions - especially naming ones. By the way, I'm in Toronto too - I used to work at Distility Branding, and Distility faces these sorts of questions every day. If you follow the link, that's my mug staring back at you, in the video we shot. There's lots and lots of excellent resources available in the blog. 

So I'll offer my two cents, since you tossed it out there. The process Distility goes by begins with a brand strategy - which is where you figure out the brand promise, personality, and position. Once you've got that nailed down, it becomes easier to look at potential names and see if they fit your brand strategy. If you do that as a group, it also becomes much easier to get everybody on board with the final choice, to follow through on other aspects of branding, and be confident that you won't have an "OMG!" moment down the road where you realize you've got completely the wrong name that doesn't fit.

Sooo... Sorry for the promotional speech. It's been a while since I worked there, but I love those guys and their thinking shapes everything I do in business now. 

So what does that mean for you? Well it means that it's not enough for a name to be like by the owner. That's a very good start, for sure - it is necessary but not sufficient. 

"Copper Roasterie" does sound very promising, especially for the reasons you give. ("Tangerine Tree" sounds too much like "Tangerine Dream", which for old farts like me is a pioneering electronic band.) So my advice to you is to check out the Distility.com blog, focus especially on Promise Personality and Position, and then think about whether Copper Roasterie matches your own brand strategy. Then ask people what they think about Copper Roasterie, and see whether their impressions match what you hope for. Don't tell them what you want first - just ask some questions, and not leading questions.

But really, I think you guys are on the right track. I think you're thinking seriously about brand. If Copper Roasterie is unique in your space here in Toronto, that can work very well. If you have plans to go national or into the States, you may need to put in a bit more time and money to make sure it's a defensible name.

Good luck!

Thank you Pete. Say hi to TO for me, I really miss it :)

The name doesn't matter too much, it's all about branding and marketing. What does Starbucks have to do with coffee? Absolutely nothing, they got that from the book Moby Dick. But when people think of coffee, they think Starbucks. A funky name like tangerine tree becomes a conversation starter. People will come in and ask why tangerine tree and you now have a good way to interact with customers amd talk about your Dietrich roaster. You can always put "a coffee roasting company" next to or below tangerine tree.
Tangerine Dream
....Tangerine Bean is about right!

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