Thought it would be fun to create this post just to see what everyone is doing, as well as, the results they are getting. Post away!!!


I am doing an overhaul on a Samiac 10k and put a 3phase motor to control drum exhaust and was considering doing the same to the motor rotating the drum. Has anyone done this mod? If so, what were your results and is it worth the extra resources?

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I don't have variable drum speed but do have 0-100% in 1% increment variable fan speed. Excellent convection control and hence profile control, the name of the game.
What are your thoughts on changing airflow during the roast? I've heard a lot of different thoughts from keeping it constant, to slowly increasing it towards the end of the roast. I found that the latter gave me the best results. Need to do these experiments all over again with cupping notes to back it up...
We've got a 60K with a variable speed drum motor and air motor and 1-100% burner controls... I do use the drum and have done a lot of experiementing with it, trying to understand it's impact, mostly on control of the profile and evenness in the appearance of the roasts. I'd say it can help, but if a machine ain't broke, there may be no need to fix it, as it were... I've found just taking down our drum one RPM from the "standard" speed when I'm doing Brazils which are softer or Sumatrans which can develop unevenly actually helps reduce the occurence of roast related defects like tips and scorches and makes a more even looking roast, so there's a benefit on the machine i use (TOPER). Right now, my best results have been staggering any changes so the temperature isn't jumping up and down with every change... So I start at a speed, air and burner setting that are high.. gradually kick down heat upon certain indicators until eventually on a low flame, post or maybe even just at first crack I might tweek the air a hint... then just to settle it and even it out, slow it down to really finish caramelizing, I'll drop the drum a hint after that not more than 4RPMs ever... These things work really well with what I got, but may be all over the place with another machine. I don't know much about the inherent airflow of a Samiac. If it's really high, this might be helpful, if it's really not that high, then you might need to look into that more as a factor. I'm also unfamiliar with the burners on that machine so there's another thing. but good luck on your decision. I hope I helped or at least eased some confusion. cheers

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