Well, after patiently waiting for 8 weeks to get my new 12 Kilo roaster from U.S. Roaster Corp., UPS Freight delivered it yesterday with some "obvious" visual damages.

I don't know if they have a bunch of gorillas handling freight at UPS, but my poor roaster took a few serious whacks...

Check out how it arrived in this video I shot... http://youtu.be/oLQh3uyx68s

My question to you all is, what should I look for once I get this hooked up? What do you think might have been damaged internally?

I'm brand new to roasting, so my experience with the roaster mechanics is very limited.

U.S. Roaster Corp. told me to put together a file with all the documentation and photographs and they would file a claim with UPS Freight.

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You're right on Timothy, I roasted the first batch on Thanksgiving, so just about a month ago.


The roaster is working great. I did receive a hefty claim settlement from the freight company for the damages that they caused.


As most people pointed out, something could show up later that isn't apparent now, so I put the claim money into a "just in case" account.


My roastery is in an industrial setting (not open to the public), so the dents and scratches are just an annoyance to me. If it were in my bar in the view of customers, I would take a different stance on the cosmetic damages.

timothy pellizzer said:


Its been a little over a month since your first report. What has happened to date?

Don't know how many batches you've done in your first month, but working fine and any internal damages most highly likely would have manifested by now. Just consider the cosmetic damages as giving your new baby character! Who knows, that settlement claim may come in handy for some special lot of greens down road, Panama Esmeralda Gesha Auction should be in 5 months of so :)

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