Well, after patiently waiting for 8 weeks to get my new 12 Kilo roaster from U.S. Roaster Corp., UPS Freight delivered it yesterday with some "obvious" visual damages.

I don't know if they have a bunch of gorillas handling freight at UPS, but my poor roaster took a few serious whacks...

Check out how it arrived in this video I shot... http://youtu.be/oLQh3uyx68s

My question to you all is, what should I look for once I get this hooked up? What do you think might have been damaged internally?

I'm brand new to roasting, so my experience with the roaster mechanics is very limited.

U.S. Roaster Corp. told me to put together a file with all the documentation and photographs and they would file a claim with UPS Freight.

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I can't get the link to work, even after removing the "." in the word "tu.be"

BTW, If you saw visible damage, you should have refused the delivery. This way you don't deal with a damaged product, with possible internal problems.

The company you bought it from should replace the unit completely. If you paid via credit card, I would put the purchase "in dispute". This can be done initially with a phone call but MUST be followed up in writing.

Ron, the Country Guy
Bummer David. Looks like the crating was not strong enough. You should call for a replacement or at the very least, a huge discount if you want to keep it for out-of-sight roasting. At least it wasn't a mob hit.
I would be furious.

Like Ron said, I probably would have refused delivery and made a very upset call to UPS.
Very disheartening!
Before you hook it up, I would make sure you find out who is responsible and see what they are willing to do about it!

Let us know how you make out!
Best of luck!
I would be pissed. Sorry to hear about this man. Good luck with starting your roasting career
It's easy and pointless saying shouldn't have received the shipment. Obviously too late.

I agree with Derryl, don't hook it up until it's 100% clear with US Roaster Corp how this is going to be handled. I would demand any and all repairs to include an onsite full safety and functionality hookup and checkout, not at your expense. Who knows what may have come loose or been damaged internally including possible gas lines.
Thanks everyone...

After getting the roaster unwrapped and un-crated, the damages seem to be cosmetic. But, I will definitely have UPS Freight pay to have a technician from U.S. Roaster Corp. come and preform a full mechanical inspection. In, addition to paying for all of the repairs.
It looks like the crate was inadequate and that it was mishandled by UPS. Hopefully US Roasters stands up and makes it right. Did you pay the freight or did US Roasters? I think if US Roasters pays for the shipment they are liable until it reaches your dock meaning they have to file any and all claims with UPS. US Roasters is a very good company and should be able to fix this. In terms of value lost, you must consider what you would have paid for this roaster knowing about the current damage. This depreciated value should be a good starting point for discussions with all parties. Do not be bashful when talking about your lost value. Good Luck!
from looking at the video, it appears the roaster may have fallen off the forklift when being loaded or fell over while in transit.

aside from the cosmetic issues, the damage to the motor driving the shaft would be the biggest area I would look at. if is bent slightly, there will be uneven wear over time that will damage the bearings in the drum and or the motors driving it. having experience with damaged drum shafts, the future repair costs can add up. you might want to get a new motor for it at a minimum.

i would also look at the cooling tray area carefully to make sure the mixing blades turn evenly and do not rub. check this motor and mounts as well.

i could not tell if there was damage to where the gas line would connect, nor the type of burners to heat the drum. i would check for any cracks, bends, etc. here as well.

call me at our office if you want to speak more.

i would also th
A lesson to be learned here.......if receiving anything via 'common carrier' or 'LTL' NEVER, EVER, accept anything that looks seriously damaged without making note of it on the bill of lading. Without immediate reporting, you can yell at the supplier as much as you want, but the way it all works is the piece in transit, in this case the roaster, is no longer owned by USRoaster, but UPS temporarily. When you sign for it, you are the new owner. So if you don't document the damage you are potentially opening yourself up the the easy answer from UPS: "...sorry sir, there is nothing noted on the bill of lading..."
Keep all the packaging as well. UPS will want to see it. The mfg should have it insured through UPS. In my dealings with UPS (shipping computers), their first response will be that it was not packed right. You, and your supplier, will need to be forceful on this.

When I have had a claim, UPS is usually good at paying the claim and any shipping.

Let us know how it works!


Its been a little over a month since your first report. What has happened to date?

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