I an in contact with Diedrich and am going to buy their IR-5 model, but the sales lady  said a fully automated roasting system is $12,000.

I will be using the ir-5  to roast coffee in a coffee shop, can anyone tell me if I really need a fully automated system?

Also, can anyone advise me on good data logging software that will let me save a roast  i like in a profile so I can use again with the click of a mouse?

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Hey Robert,

In my humble opinion an IR-5 is something that a busy shop will outgrow pretty quickly. I currently roast on an IR-7 in my seasonal shop and I can honestly say that we have outgrown the 7. I would rather see you go with something slightly larger rather than something slightly smaller when it comes to roasters. The logistics to upgrading roasters in a shop setting as opposed to a roasting warehouse can be a little more complex when you are dealing with tighter spaces not to mention zoning boards and township approvals depending on where you are. Without knowing all the variables to your space and town, I would say a slight upgrade in size from the beginning many times makes more sense on the long run. 

Just my opinion based on limited info about your full venture. Feel free to share more details and maybe I can offer more insight that might be helpful.

Best of luck with your shop!


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