Ceramic airtight containers, thats what I hear is the best right?  I would love to hear from you, to know what ones you currently use for your coffee.   I need something that can hold at least a pound, and thought maybe someone here can point me to what they like.

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There are a couple of things you're trying to prevent - contact with air and contact with light. If you're talking re-usable containers, easy washability is important as well.


At the shop, we use a variety of nice-looking glass jars and Cambros, kept out of direct light. For some stuff we just roll down the original roaster bag.


The advantage of jars is that they are easier to scoop out of, but the disadvantage is that they are of fixed size, so you can't minimize air contact.


I like bags because you can roll them down and minimize the air in the bag. Plus you can pour out of them directly into smaller containers, though I kinda suspect that you lose some of your CO2 barrier gas that way.

This is what I want: http://www.friiscoffee.com/store/display/1/2/coffee-vault-coffee-sa...

Not only is air and light your enemy, coffee has another one, and it produces it as a byproduct of roasting. Carbon dioxide needs to be able to vent through a one-way valve. These Friis Coffee Savor or Coffee Vault canisters do that. If you have an opaque foil or lined bag with a valve, you don't technically need it. But much of the coffee I drink comes in a standard labeled craft bag, without the valve. So this is perfect, at least in concept.

Brady, the bag is not a bad idea, just not quite as easy as a container.  I wander if you are using it with 2 weeks or so if it matters?  Not sure.    Paul, that is a really cool looking and functioning container, but having to buy extra filters is sort of a bummer.  

Thanks for your ideas!

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