has anyone looked at the newly redesigned scaa site? I can't stand it. I can't make heads or tails of it. one of the links that looked promising lead to a crazy blue screen loaded with computer code! I don;t know who designed the site but it is rubbish, impossible to navigate.

Does anyone know the scheduling info for any of the regionals?

I am in the NE region and want to get my ducks in a row for that.


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sc comp is in less than a month and there is no website info and no sign up on the scaa site....that blue screen is ridiculous.......wtf
I just spoke with Marcus Boni at SCAA. They are working on getting things fixed on the site, and all of the SCAA info should be available again shortly.

As far as USBC-related stuff, there is a new website that will be released very soon with all of the info. It will be at:

Its not there yet... just the aforementioned blus code page. But once it is up and running, the regionals info will be available there instead of being buried in the larger SCAA site.

He also encouraged anyone that has questions about upcoming events to feel free to call them. Between him, the various SCAA staff, and the BGA Executive Council and Chapter Reps there are a lot of contact points.

Hope this helps.
lol they tried to design the site to convey info with the blue code, but it didn't work cause it was executed horribly! it has dates and stuff but it's really hard to read. terrible web design
Jared Rutledge said:
lol they tried to design the site to convey info with the blue code, but it didn't work cause it was executed horribly! it has dates and stuff but it's really hard to read. terrible web design

Again, its a working draft, not the finished site. If you like that, you should see my company's lame "coming soon" website.

He didn't say when it would be finished, other than "soon". The rollout of the new SCAA page was moved up by a couple of weeks, so everyone is working to get the rest of the pieces in place ASAP. I expect there'll be more info in a couple of days.
I believe that the NERBC is being held in conjunction with Coffee Fest Meadowlands March 5-7.
From what I hear, the USBC is suppose to take place in March...
SERBC is scheduled for February 19-21 at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta.

MWRBC is scheduled for October 31-Nov 1 in St Louis.

I have only secondhand info about MARBC and NERBC.
The USBC will be held at SCAA's annual conference and show April 15th- 18th in Anaheim CA.

with that in mind... knowing that all of the regionals are taking place this year you can know that your regional will be happening in the next 5 months. The MWRBC is the only other regional happening in 2009, so that should give you plenty of time to prepare.

Also know that Marcus Boni at the SCAA works tirelessly to make these things a reality, and will do his best to get all of the information out as soon as it is available. :)
thanks for all the replies folks. I am aware when the USBC is happenning as that date and location has been fixed since the WBC in atlanta. SOO... of course it goes without saying that the regionals will be between then and now.

Overall I agree that marcus boni has been making great strides in arranging our competitions, for instance it used to be apply via hard copy or fax, and now we have online registration. I meant no offense to marcus.

I do however still think that the newer redesign for the whole SCAA site is ungainly and miserable to navigate. at the very least the old site design maintained a page that had a list of the regionals along with dates and locations for those that have been scheduled.

for those of you that had heard the rumor that the nerbc, and marbc will run during coffeefest NYC I also heard something about that.... it was on the old scaa web site! redesign sure, but tranfer the content at the very least.

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