i just saw "red espresso" on youtube for the first time and i wondered if anyone out there has tried the stuff. im not much of a tea guy but it seams like an interesting idea. so if any one has feed back on taste, quality, preparation or equipment issues id love to get some educated opinions.

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I've never had a fast extraction. Generally the same Extraction times are used for red espresso as I use for regular espresso. Did you give it a 20sec preinfusion before pulling the shot? If not, you might get a fast extraction. I put a scoop into the basket, pull a shot for about 3 secs (just barely a drip then turn it off) let it sit for 20 seconds to infuse & then pull about a 20 second shot (giving me 2 ounces of red espresso) with a nice head of crema.

Stickman said:
I brought in a bag when I heard about it a year ago, give or take.

I had great expectations but was a little disappointed with the outcome. I was expecting something like espresso in grind and extraction but it was more like using Guayaki Mate in the gaucho grind - very fast extraction even when tamped with all my weight and polished with weight. I think the product could show some real promise with a little bit more honing of its consistency. The flavour was a little 'dirtier' than regular rooibos as extracted in a tea form.

I should try it again because it sure looked cool and makes a neat option.
I have never heard of this red espresso until now!! How interesting, I would agree with not cross contaminating the portafilters. At my shop we make what we call tea misto. we just steep the tea in half the amount of water we would normally use, then add steamed milk. Customers love them!

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