Recommendations for great informational coffee articles/and or books.

I'm interested in what anyone here would recommend as some great reading material for the specialty coffee industry (in general). That being said, I do realize that this website also has lots of great information everywhere, which I still will use as an awesome source.


Any input is appreciated! :)

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The Professional Barista's Handbook by Scott Rao
I'd love to know some books as well. I've only been a barista for a year and I know for a fact I wasn't trained correctly.

Since I read daily...and to the point of obsession....on coffee and our business in some way here are some things I keep on hand for reference and read often:


Home Roasting Book/Intro to roasting is how I look at it:


David Schomer's Professional Barista Techniques, Love this thing:


Start and run a coffee bar, defiently a helpful overview of running a bar if your new to it:



There is this, which is a bit of a history of coffee up to about the 1920s if I am not mistaken:


Then there are magainze such as:



Specialty Coffee Retailer:

Coffee Talk:

Tea and Coffee:

and Fresh Cup:


Also I always recommend people read these no matter what you do in life:

The 7 Habbits...:


Orison Marden's Iron Will:


Gittomers Red book of selling:


and I could go on and on and on...but that should get you is a list of nap. Hill. books that are good to read even though its not coffee related...its still good to read,k:Nap...

Everything But Espresso by Scott Rao

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