Want to recognize great performance by employees....ideas? Gift certificates, Employee of the Month, etc......

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I am in the same boat! and yes it is a tough one.

Johnny Steverson said:


I have... I try to do several tastings with everyone... different techniques, different beans, and of course a couple are much more interested than others.  I am trying to get everyone to our roaster to see that, but of course- a few keep bailing out.  And I don't have the ability to cut their hours that much (they have been here since opening, and to MY management that trumps skill and care).  I can and have adjusted their schedules and hours a little though.  It's also very hard to get them to meet if they aren't scheduled for work.

Jim Almo said:

Have you tried sitting down with them and conducting a tasting comparing the cup under basket technique to, say, an aeropress? Sometimes, just experiencing the difference can make a difference. Or....you could reduce their schedules until they decide to leave.

The one thing that I'm finding out is that the people who don't care really begin to show themselves, and everyone sees.  My problem is that I want to reward the people who are doing awesome things and take a lot of pride, it is very hard to do that without showing favoritism.  One thing I have found is the heartfelt thank you really does go a LONG way when sincere.   Amongst other little things..

- I am still up for a discussion on this if anyone else is!

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