I have a Star Micronics TSP100 ethernet printer that I am moving from under the counter by the register. I want to put it on top of the Aurelia II 3 group which will allow the person working the machine to handle all of the tickets vs the cashier handing them each ticket. Will this emit too much heat on the top and possible damage the receipt printer?

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Hey Rick, rather than put the printer on the machine and possibly dealing with heat damage issues could you set up ticket holder on top of the machine similar to ones seen in line kitchens, very basic and have tickets lined up for the baristas to see and work on in an organized system. Just a thought and maybe an alternative to possibly causing any type malfunction to printer due to heat.
Let us know what you wind up doing.
Good luck!!

Hey Rick, printers on top of the machine can be affected over time.  The other issue is the heat on the paper.  We have had mixed results with the paper turning black in similar setups. I'd set a roll of thermal paper up there and see what happens to it. 

I don't know if you are aware but you can also mount that printer to a wall pretty easily.  That is a different option than having it under the counter or on a machine. 

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