Good morning, all,

I've been thinking about doing some light espresso machine repair and maintenance work on the side, but have no idea what the going rate is for this kind of work. Wanted to get some quick feedback from the owners out there.

For something like replacing old crusty group gaskets and dispersion screens, thorough cleaning, changing flat grinder burrs, do your tech's usually charge a flat rate for a job or hourly? (I do all this kind of stuff at our shop, so we're not used to paying for it.) Or do you do a yearly maintenance contract?

Is this usually done when you are closed, or just during a slow time of day?

I will call around a little to find out what is done locally, but definitely want an idea of what is more typical for other areas.

Thanks in advance.

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We have paid from $60 P/Hr to $80 P/Hr for a tech to come to our shop or our customer's and do repairs. I am not sure about flat rate items,tho I think it is a good idea. There is one repair guy in our area that will let me watch and/or help- kinda like a surgeon's assistant--( Phillips screwdriver! 13 mm wrench!! O.K. now you put this back together while I go get the espresso!! ) It does save me some money and I learn about the machines so I can do the easy stuff. At first he didn't like the idea because he thought he was loosing revenue or I was going to take his job, until he realized that he is my go-to guy.
Thanks Joseph.
we charge $75/hr with a miimum of 1 hr for everything.
we pay our guy $40 an hour

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