I am considering purchasing Rancilio Epoca S 2-Group, the epoca is there standard model, we are small coffee shop new, but I am not sure about the quality. Is any one using this machine right now I would like to hear your thought about this machine. Thanks in advance

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I would not consider the Epoca to be Rancilio's "standard model"... I'd consider the Classe 6 to be their standard machine. The Epoca is their low-cost machine. The Classe 10 is their high-end machine, and the Classe 8 fits somewhere in the middle.


I've worked on several Epocas of varying ages and am not a fan.


Though the Epoca uses many of the same components (including boiler and board) as the Classe 6, the base, side panels, and control panel are entirely molded plastic.  Though that reduces your initial investment, that fact means that this machine doesn't age nearly as well as the Classe 6.


If you can make the small jump up to the Classe 6, I would recommend doing so.

That seems too good to be true! Of course, the ad doesn't say that the machine actually WORKS...

There are ads like that all over the place, you just have to be patient for one in your area.  I literally typed "minneapolis.craigslist.org la marzocco" into my search bar.


Google isn't hard, lol.



what's google?

But seriously. I have seen ads, but a sparkly 3-group Linea AND expensive (though not my cup of tea) grinder, for $2,000? Including shipping? 


Something seems off about it. But I hope for some buyer's sake that it's a great find. 

I have an Epoca E 2 gp that I bought about 10 years ago and it runs fantastic. I just bought a 2gp

classe 8 and really like it. Don't get why people are so down on Rancilio. I see people spending so much money on espresso machines and they are not any better than the 2 that I have.

Thanks, I have already email them but haven't heard back.

Bryan Wray said:
I know plenty of people who like Rancilios, and my experience behind one was good. Only thing about the Epoca is that it just seems toy-like, because of all the plastic (even the drip tray!).

K (and Bryan),


It's a scam. See here.



Thanks for the update.

R. Justin Shepherd said:

K (and Bryan),


It's a scam. See here.



I haven't used the Epoca S, but I do work on an Epoca E 2-group at the coffee shop in my church nearly every week. I find it to be a very robust machine, fun to work on, great to look at - but most importantly makes killer shots and steams milk very well. This machine is used only on Sundays - so I cannot testify to how it stands up to every day use - but my guess would be very well.

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