Does anyone have any suggestions for quality blended drink bases? I don't have experience with creating blended drinks, and am not exactly sure where to start. There are a lot of products out there, but we're getting ready to open a shop up in an expensive area in Northern California and I'm looking for something very high quality. Any thoughts?


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I use the Jet dairy base and the jet smoothie mix as far as mixes go  I like these the best. You could do all fruit more work I am sure but better quality. As far a blended coffee I have not found a better product than Jet Dairy base it also comes in soy. And I mix with chocolate or caramel and toddy. very high quality product.

About a year ago Sprudge posted some recipes for in-house blended drinks.  We tried a couple of them and were very pleasantly surprised how easy they were.  My biggest gripe about mixes and powders is that they taste like mixes and powders and many are full of heavily processed ingredients and oils.  Let me see if I can find a linky.


We played with using iced coffee, but for speed and convince espresso worked great.  1 tsp of xanthan gum was way too much (used Bob's Red Mill), about 1/4 tsp for a 16 oz drink seemed best.

Try Dr. Smoothie.

as much as quality go!!! Stay away from those premade stuff.

Nothing is better then home made blended drink we serve 2 driffrent smoothie and one ice blended espresso drink.

The smoothie

Better if you have a freezer beside you

first one

mango coconut and lime

so we freeze in our gelato machine a mix of honey vanilla and live jus

(if you dont have a gelato freezer , well freeze on a tray and stir it every 20 minute or so)

and we prepare some portion in deli container of that mixture and some frozen iqf mango.

We blend in mixer with one banana and natural apple jus.

Berry Blast

we just freeze some Mediterranean style vanilla yogurt(8%fat) in our gelato freezer

use iqf berry mix

blend with one banana and natural apple jus

and for the espresso base one

one double shot of espresso

1 serving of any king of gelato (have to pair with coffee)



BLEND and enjoy

those are our very popular drink,

For Frappe Blended drinks, we love cappuccine, different from other drinks, your shop will stand out. Their Red Velvet can be served in a Latte or a frozen Frapp, we sell a ton of those.

I love the Monin Smoothie mixes that came out last year.

Monin sauces , ( dark choc. , white choc. , caramel ) ice and milk and of course espresso shots. 

If you're still looking for some blended drinks, I highly recommend Frozen Bean products. Out of all the products that I've come by, Frozen Bean has definitely been best by far. They have over 100 different flavors as well. You can even request for free samples off their website at ! good luck!

Hi Taylor,

Quality is huge. I can make a knock off of a competitors frappe at a third of the price they charge delivered in pallet quantities making the same margin as we sell our own line.

We have a sample pack with five different flavors 3 lb. pouches x 5 = a case. We do charge $25.00 includes shipping in the continental US. After that we have a one case minimum and you can mix the cases just like the sample case. $75 straight cases and $80 for mixed. Charge at least $3 - $5 dollars a sixteen ounce drink and you have at least a 300% margin. If you do not have a blender we have a program for that as well. Check out: 

Feel free to reach out to me at 651-769-4820 or 

Hi Taylor,

I will only sell things in my shop that are either local OR high quality, we have sampled lots of different mixed drink options at the Coffee Fest in NYC, I found the best flavor to be out of Cappuccine. They offer free shipping and they even give you for free the containers to store them in.  Call them for samples of their products and you will see what I mean. We sell a ton of the Pistachio, Red Velvet and the Coconut, they make the best hot lattes also :-)  good luck!



Have you tried Enlightened Beverage? If you email me your contact information I would be happy to send you some samples if you would be willing to try them. We are a small company that leans into quality and we work straight with our customers. Our distribution model cuts out the middleman and we pass the savings on to you. 

Again, if you are open to something new please reach out.

Thanks Jim for the info, but I do deal directly with them also and Im happy with the service and product that we currently have, my customers would hate me if I got rid of their favorites!

Good luck though, and thanks


If you ever want to do something private label let me know. 

Thank you Heather.


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