I'm about to upgrade in the next month by installing a new US Roaster Corp 12 kilo. I've roasted (COUNTLESS BATCHES) in the past five years on a US Roaster Corp 3 kilo. Has anyone ever taken this journey in upgrading? Were there any learning curves or helpful adjustments that made your life easier? I'm excited, but I'm also looking for any wisdom offered to me by folks who have done this before.


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Congratulations on the upgrade. I've been roasting on a USRC 3k over 7 years and not ready to upgrade yet. Roasting ~400lb per week so IF I didn't have PLC profile control to automate I highly likely would have some time ago! Mine was the first 3k they ever made with PLC controller and automated dump. I knew I wanted to be able to multi-task while roasting and has been well worth the then additional $4k!

No help for your question I know. I'm sure there will be a learning curve dialing in how to control the bigger roaster but the basics will remain the same. Enjoy the Journey!

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