I've got a machine that shuts itself off within minutes of being turned on. When I disconnect power to the boiler the machine no longer shuts off, which of course points to the boiler or the boiler coil. I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem and found it to not be boiler related. ( Boilers are $700 and change so I'm hoping for a improbable easier solution).

                                                                          Pat Geist/Toucan Mountain Coffee

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When you say "disconnect power to the boiler", do you mean that you unplugged the leads to the boiler element or some other wiring?  If it's the element that would be easy to Ohm out and check for any continuity to ground.  If the element were in fact the issue and the unit was loosing power, does the breaker trip?  Or does the screen go dead?  If not and the element tests out OK, I would venture to guess it's in the low voltage circuit.   Either way it's someone with a DMM  and some time looking for the issue.  

I would try contacting Saeco.  Maybe this is a common enough issue that they would be familiar with the cause.  Good  luck.


Thanks for the come back Scott. Its the leads to the boiler and the when connected the screen goes dead. Saeco says they think its the boiler or boiler coil. Since the machine is just a year old I was hoping it wouldn't be the boiler. I hope its not a common problem with this type of machine. I'll check the continuity to ground.

                                                                    Thanks Again.

For reference - 1250w element @120v = 11.5 Ω

Bad water can cause element failure pretty quick.

Good to know. Thanks

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