Prevent Customers from Grabbing the Wrong Order(item on counter)

My shop runs the problem when we are extremely busy that customers sometimes grab the wrong item or an item that isn't theirs when it is set up on the counter. Given we do coffee, small food items, smoothies, and baked goods, some of them come up at different times. 

We have one receipt printer and we call orders by name. The most common example is a customer grabbing the wrong smoothie. They see a red one, for example, and they think its theirs because they ordered a strawberry smoothie. 

Whats the best way to combat this?

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Write names with a sharpie on the cups (for smoothies)? A sticky-note with the name?

Have someone take care of the hand off or if you can't free up someone for that, write names down on cups.

The service window should have a barista close by in order to not only call the name first then the drink type, bu to also make sure the drink is delivered correctly by making eye contact and simply stating the name of the order. That is by far the most important part of our service at Verve - calling out their name FIRST and then the drink type + eye contact. No need for a sharpee or sticky notes - just the one POS ticket shouold do the job

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