Can anyone recommend a back-up generator or other source of quick power to pull from in the case of a power outage while roasting?  We are currently roasting on a Diedrich IR-12 and experienced a couple of scary moments this past winter where we had to mechanically pull the gear chain in the back of the machine in order to immediately get the coffee out of the hot drum. Thanks for any info or advice!

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What kind of load is your roaster? Wattage? Voltage? Amps?

I use a regular 4000w gas generator and it runs our IR-12 no problem.

That is really difficult! Sorry to hear about your power outages? If you know your peak/max amps and voltage you can figure out how big of a genny you need. I have an SF-6 built into the back of my van and I simply use a Honda eui2000w. I also take this genny to events so it is very versatile.

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