I am planning to open a coffee shop early next spring and am currently doing research. I am considering incorporating pourover brewbars into the shop and would like some educated opinions. Do you think this brew method produces excellent coffee? Do you know of companies who manufacture the equipment? Any advice would be welcome. Thank you!

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Not sure how educated I am, but I do have an opinion. I am planning on opening a shop in the next couple months, and am also considering this brewing method, for a number of reasons. One, there is less waste. No airpots or dispensers to dump out if you have a slow day. Two, the quality of the cup is considerably better. By grinding and brewing immediately, you can make full use of the aromatics and flavor profile of the coffee. Three, it gives the barista an opportunity to control each element of the brewing cycle. I would say equipment cost is a factor, but by the time you buy a water tower unit, I don't think you save a huge amount, especially if you buy a top end pour over like the Hario.

I am planning on offering auto drip coffee only up to 11 AM, to meet the demands of the morning rush/business people. All they want is a cup of coffee, and don't have time to wait on a really good cup. I will offer the pour over all day long. My theory is that after 11 AM, most people aren't rushing and are willing to wait a couple minutes for a phenomenal cup of coffee.
I would agree with Paul that it definitely offers a better cup of coffee, because for the most part it is fresh and on the spot. For me the biggest part that offers the greatest benefit for a shop offering a pour over bar is that it gives the barista and shop a chance to engage the customer about the coffee (ie origin, varietal, specific flavors) and methodology of brewing itself. As far as where to buy one... there are a few on-line retailers where you can purchase them. I personally had two stations made and designed for use in my shop at Anodyne Coffee Roasters here in Milwaukee. My reasoning for going through all the trouble and production is that I found a lot of the options on the internet were very "square" and didnt really lend to a cafes over-all aesthetics. If you are interested drop me your email and I can shoot you some pricing and some more pictures.
Eric Mullins
We have been doing pour over for our 4 cafe locations for the past 15 years. The response we get from new customers on it is overwhelming. While there are a few who have initially said something like "I have to WAIT for my coffee to BREW?" but, after they have one cup they almost always come back many more times. We have worked hard to train all baristas to keep coffees dripping, without "fast" pouring it, and it has worked wonderfully for us. The quality in the cup is worth the 2-3 minutes customers wait for it. By having someone asking down the line to start brewed coffees, many people will have their cup ready by the time they pay anyway. All in all, if done properly, I think pourover brewing is the way to go. Everyone gets a fresh brewed cup, EVERY time.
Pour overs are a wonderful offering... We are just incorperating them at the shop I work at... We are using CM-1GH chemex... Makes an amazing cup of coffee... We offer them in the evenings since it is too hectic in the mornings to try... Definately worth the little extra time for a primo cup... you can try espressosupply.com...
I opened my cafe exclusively serving pour over, French press and espresso bevs. I LOVE IT. I love serving the freshest possible coffee with a large selection, no waste, and people do still "ooh and ahh" over their special cup.
For those that gotta run, I keep a back up of french pressed coffee in a carafe, only in small batches during the busy-er part of the day. I have ceramic "bee houses" from Zero Japan and I'm making my own stand for them, we've gotten by without one for a few months. The ceramic being grate for holding heat (I always pre-heat them and rinse the paper filter first) and almost indestructible. Have fun!
I've been to a shop in NYC that used pour over method exclusively (other than espresso). They used 8 cup Chemex beakers only. A cup of coffee was obviously not 10 seconds away, but after 3 or 4 minutes, the coffee I did receive was soo good! I'll go back for sure. Plus, it was so different- simply their method of brewing marketed for them!
I can't wait to have the space for this kind of station. Right now and every time I visit Mike McGinnesses page linked below I get green with envy. Check out his pictures of his current pour over station. I have been to his shop and he has a class act here.

Joseph Robertson said:
I can't wait to have the space for this kind of station. Right now and every time I visit Mike McGinnesses page linked below I get green with envy. Check out his pictures of his current pour over station. I have been to his shop and he has a class act here. I sure you will see a post from him on this topic.

Sorry about the double post, I'm still learning how to use this interface.
Excellent question and I am yet amazed that more owners do NOT brew this way. I have a mobile coffee cart which has two single group machines and a brew bar between them both. When there is a big long line say at an event, I still brew bar it...yet it takes extra time. Don't worry about it. Your goal is not just to make money rather to serve the best tasting cup of coffee at the least amount of expense and waste. Check www.visions.com for a nice stainless steel and inexpensive way to go. The Honeybee ceramic cone is also a nice touch...I just switched from the plastic, Melitta style and really like the pour volume and heat retention. www.motorespresso.com
Thanks for responding; love the coffee cart.

I was just wondering if you are sure of www.visions.com; I tried it, but it looks like eyecare...?
Sorry maybe it's Vision! Try TruBru...that should be more direct.

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