Me and some co-workers have become have become... Coffee Fanatics! Which has been super cool to see other co-workers also getting passion for the beautiful plant. It's also exciting to see that our passion is also rubbing off on the customers as well.


All this to say, we've convinced our manager to do at least one pour-over method at our shop. We are most likely doing the clever, and am considering another possible method. He's placed me in charge of costing it out, research, and creating a training program for the pour-overs. Which to me is the part I'm most nervous about.


My questions are...

- what other pour-over method would you reccommend?

- what are some training methods you use, heard of, or thought of?

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The individual brew methods that I see used most often on brew bars are V60, French Press, and Chemex. Each have benefits and drawbacks, and produce different products, so try them out and see what works for you.

In terms of what else to add, consider differences in the result. Since your Clever is going to more closely resemble a batch-brewed product, its benefits will be more in flexibility, freshness, and choice, and less about serving something completely different. The differences between that and a V60 or Chemex are subtle enough that I'd question what adding one to the mix would do for you. How would the "choose this one if you are looking for X" discussion with the customer go? French press gives you a more dramatic difference that is far easier to explain.

As far as training - there are any number of outstanding online and print resources to help you learn how to get great results with any of these methods. Rao's "Everything but Espresso" is a good book. Once you learn how to get good results yourself, boil that down into a simple set of steps, then train for consistency. Design your space and work flow to make it easy to execute.

Also, make sure your brew station is visible and looks like it's meant to be there, not just an afterthought stuffed into an available space. I know that's asking a lot for a new product category, but lots of people that have tried can tell you that half-assing it is a waste of your time and money.

Good luck.

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