We are super unhappy with our current POS system. Just wanted to see what everyone is using, how cost effective it is, and if anyone is using Square Register?


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Coffee Shop Manager? Is that CSM? Do you just use Square for the good rate?

Thanks Jack!

Also using Square with CSM here. Same reason, lower costs.

Jack thanks for the tips and the class last weekend! It was pleasure meeting you.

Hey Jack - have you heard of Intuit's GoPayment? It looks like it integrates a little easier with programs like shopkeep. I'm curious to see if anyone has any feedback on their fees, customer services, etc?

Thanks guys!

New player on the block:


We use ShopKeep.com.  Been super easy and a relatively smooth process.  They are always listening to their users and come out with updates each month that are really helping.  I probably like the customer expirence of Square better but I like the back end and order taking side of ShopKeep better.

You can "board" whatever merchant account you want (we use Heartland Payment Systems) and it looks like PayPal will be an option from the POS soon.

Worth checking out for sure..

I am in the same boat. I bought Selby Soft just a little over a year ago and am so unsatisfied that I'm already ready to replace it. 

I did the math and for my small tickets I can't beat the price of square. I would love to use shopkeep but it doesn't integrate with square. Has anybody found a solution to this?

We use square and it has been one of our best decisions yet. The staff loves how easy it is, the customers love how fancy it is, and the owner loves how cheap it is. Great product.

We are opening end of August, and we will be using Square Register. I am working on setting up all of the items now, no way to import a list, so we have to enter each one. They also have the ability to add a photo. I am experimenting with Modifiers now. It seems to be pretty easy to use. I figure the only expense it really time, if we do decide to move to a traditional POS, we can reuse the Cash Drawer and Printers. 

Is it possible to use square if you have no pos system? We just use a regular cash register.

Yes, you can use Square anywhere. All you need to do is connect your bank account, get the Square Card Reader, and download the software on a compatible device. like an iPhone 3G, 4, 4s, or iPad or Android HTC EVO 4G, Motorola DROID X,Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Square Register is also free to download on an iPad. There are also a few companies that are making cases, stands, and locking devices for iPads to use them on a counter. You can also hook up a cash drawer and a receipt printer to use with Square Register. We will be using two iPads running Square Register when we open next month. I called and talked to a shop in D.C. that has been running Square and they are very happy with it. 

All total I have about $2,200 invested for two complete setups. We are working on setting up the inventory items now. I think this will work fine for us, it does not have all of the features of CSM, or Selby, like Kitchen Display, or Table Service, but it does seem pretty simple to setup and use. Plus, it looks really cool. 

The other thing to remember about Square is that it is quick, simple, and I think still free to set up. No fees, no minimums, and I think the reader is still free.

I've used it in my service business for about a year now. Most of my clients prefer checks, so I've only run a handful of transactions. It is a great solution for me. The only issue I run into is that if you don't launch the app for a few months it may want to update before you can swipe a card... which can take a few minutes. So you shouldn't neglect it the way I do.

If you have a square-compatible device and run a retail establishment, I would absolutely have it at least as a backup system. Pure transaction speed may be subpar, in my opinion. But since it is free, you can certainly try it and if you don't like it you've lost nothing.

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