The portafilters on my machine are skewed severely to the right. Not only is it obnoxious to look at, but at times they will be at an angle that does not allow for the filter next to it to be locked into place. PLEASE HELP! I just changed out my gaskets hoping that would do the trick but, alas, I'm stuck in the same spot.

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Hmm, guessing this is an older machine.  My guess would be this has been getting progressively worse over the years, yes? If so, the brass tabs on the portafilter can get worn down after thousands of pulls (and or the brass on the group) requiring more rotation to get a good seal.  Don't know anything about your particular machine, but most group gaskets are available in multiple thicknesses.  Try finding a thicker gasket and give it a go. 


Venia Coffee

Yes, what he said. What kind of machine? Multiple thicknesses may well be an option.

If not, another (not as good) option is to buy some paper shims. You can easily put a couple under each gasket (meaning above the gasket) and get your alignment right.

If it is an old machine with worn out portafilter ears, the better answer is to replace your portafilters.

Keith & Brady have probably answered it (look into thicker gaskets, or new PFs), but I have occasionally run into machines where the bayonet ring is misaligned from someone repairing/cleaning it in the past--that's the lower metal part of the group where you lock your portafilter in.  They're usually held in place with large hex head bolts and can be removed & rotated.  If you're looking down at your group from above, typically your PF handle will point at 8 or 9 o'clock when you insert it, and then pull it to about 6 o'clock to lock it.  If you have to insert your PF at 6, and then pull it to 3 to lock, that doesn't work too well.

It's a Cimbali m39 that's only a few years old. I also replaced the PFs not all that long ago so I'm going to try and get some thicker gaskets and hopefully that will work out. As far as gaskets go is there a universal size I should be looking for?

Those gaskets are the same size and shape as the Aurelia conical gasket. No multiple sizes that I'm aware of for that one. Looks like paper spacers for you.

FWIW, I never really needed to use spacers until I started working with Cimbalis, so you aren't alone.

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